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One cannot deny the fact that the most populous city of the sub-continent has lot of residential property mumbai. To meet the diversified demands of the people staying in it. Not just the demands are diversified but the communities of people who live there are diversified too. Mumbai is also a home for many other peoples from other states of India. So the question arises about whether Mumbai has been able to meet the needs of such people. The answer is a sure ‘Yes’.

Residential Property Mumbai – how inviting they are?

Since the area for International Trade, an IT hub, housing many industries and factories within the city and in the suburban sides, the port city has many residential developments that it can proudly boast about. Mumbai considers one of the initial spots of early and sophisticated urbanization with tall buildings of the townships, integrated communities, and apartments.

The Residential Properties of Mumbai invite far and wide occupants too because of the much sophistication that gets along with the asset. More the amenities, the more inviting the property is. Prime amenities that you enjoy with a residential property in Mumbai are some of the below:

  1. Ample parking space and preferably covered – stilt parking
  2. Power backup and lifts
  3. 24 hours water supply
  4. Secured building – security system
  5. Play area for children
  6. Clubhouse or Gym (only for large townships)

First of all if you are an expat, stopping by for a brief stay or looking for an apartment to buy in Mumbai as an asset or an investment means for good returns, hence you are in the right place. Such Properties are full of the all basic amenities.

Buy A Residential Property Mumbai

The decision to buy a residential property in mumbai, an independent bungalow or an apartment is mainly driven by the need of a customer.

  • Investment is driven: This can be a crucial factor to buy a property and to meet the demand for investment purposes, the smaller apartments with sufficient amenities fit in right. Places like Navi Mumbai have the right kind of residential properties for this expat audience. The buying of residential plots and apartments in Navi Mumbai has also risen because of the fact that Navi Mumbai is also the hub for the IT industry. While Thane falls in line next to Navi Mumbai as the place that is sought by the IT crowd and expats who wish to see rental income on the asset that they buy.
  • Dream possession: A buyer with a dream to possess a colonial house can seek the South Mumbai’s residential properties. The serenity and pollution free ambiance are sure to woo the buyer to fulfill his dream. A highly priced commodity, yet, a residential property of South Mumbai is a good for an expat venturing into India.

residential property mumbai for buying

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Rent A Residential Property Mumbai

As part of the expat crowd, a need to rent residential property in Mumbai would arise if you are stopping by

  1. For a short stayover like for a weekend
  2. Longer time to stay mainly for business reasons
  3. Due to personal or medical needs.

The deciding factors here are how close is the rental place located to take care of your stay in Mumbai and whether the amenities in the place that you rent puts you in a comfortable spot.

Renting Residential Properties as an expat for your place of stay can be around the Central Mumbai zones with ample facilities, easy accessibility to malls, hospitals and with good transport system too.

residential property mumbai for rent

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Weekend Homes

Get Comfort in staying in the fully furnished property with the amenities of a private kitchen and children’s bedroom etc. Investing in buying such weekend homes for rental income is a wise idea too. This suffices your investment needs as an expat and if you are a visiting expat, stop by and rent a good weekend home to enjoy your stay. Weekend homes, a little secluded from the crowded spots of Mumbai, are getaways that would certainly relax you.

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Therefore Return on Investment comes into play when you are buying and selling any residential property. Selling of the property realizes the investment with the good amount of profit. Ensure that you adhere to the selling guidelines of the Port City. As a result, a good knowledge of price trends in the Mumbai city gets the good return on your investment.