Expat Housing, Rental/Outright Properties & Relocation Solutions in Mumbai

Our Brand came about in 2010. The idea was to offer Expatriates sound residential/commercial advice and stand out as the best property consultant mumbai. We have slowly grown & our portfolio of clients have been a testament to this fact. We continue to assist & place Expatriates with different nationalities in the areas of their choosing. Our portfolio of expat apartments in Mumbai can suit every budget. We also provide Relocation advice to expatriates along with a sound advice on FRRO & generic info on everyday life in Mumbai. We also offer excellent investor friendly projects with guaranteed appreciation in the long run. We take great pride on having access to all available properties in the Mumbai market through our massive inventory, as well as being connected with every homeowner out there. We ensure a transparent switch for them Expatriates in the areas of their choosing. We offer expat apartments for rent in Mumbai, property for sale in Mumbai, property for rent in Mumbai, properties in Mumbai, accommodation in Mumbai regardless of the location or suburb you want to be in. If you are an Expat, you are well aware that finding an apartment of your choosing, can be time-consuming. That’s where EPM- Best Property Consultant Mumbai comes in, we strive to make that transition seamless for you. We are the best Property Consultant Mumbai & offer best real estate advisory services Mumbai Reality market has gone through a paradigm shift, where it has seen prices going north wards at an alarming rate. Our Job is to bridge that gap & assist our clients in the best possible manner. Our core team offers in-depth analysis on the price trends prevalent in Mumbai. A factual depiction, offers us an insight into their expectations. We are committed to providing deliverance for various budgets.We also work on Outright & Commercial leads & have tie-ups with reputed builders to ensure our investors or end users are in good hands. Whether it’s a under-construction property you seek, or a ready one, we have various projects well suited to every budget & location. We go to great lengths to ensure that the developers & builders carry a healthy reputation & that various property legalities are adhered to before we offer our recommendations to you. Commercially we have spaces well suited to offices, warehouses, showrooms etc with various price points. Whether you want to own them or lease them, you can be assured that we have a range of options at our disposal.We have a good network of brokers at our disposal to ensure that our client’s needs are adhered to. We recommend specific places as per the brief given, thereby saving everyone’s collective time. We understand that in today’s market brokers carry a shady reputation ( well some of them really do) We, on the other hand, deal with our trusted & reliable network to ensure that the client isn’t inconvenienced in anyway.

About The Founder :

Pritesh completed his Bachelors in Commerce & Marketing in 2001, thereafter joined his younger sibling as a Partner at Text Sourcing Corporation in 2005. Text Sourcing provided outsourced documentation, design and web solutions to businesses of all sizes, primarily in the US and the UK. With his strong Communication, Marketing, and Social skills, he slowly branched out to carve a niche for himself under the Flagship Brand EPM.

“I believe every client is different & so are their expectations. We would like to offer them a professional experience when it comes to housing, as we understand our market dynamics have changed & so has our approach to it”