Expat Housing, Rental/Outright Properties & Relocation Solutions in Mumbai

Mumbai Expat Housing has its own Pro’s & Con’s

Mumbai has become synonymous with expatriates since the early 90’s. Paradigm interest was observed way back in the name of “Budget-Travelers” or otherwise that throng on our shores to experience the Indian Buzz. The trend continues to this day, though a slight change has taken place. Most now are willing to relocate for a few years, heck even willing to consider making the city their own! Apart from it’s different cultures entwined with inter-dimensional vibrancy, it also welcomes expatriates from Multi-National companies who relocate with their families & seek tranquility amidst their hectic schedules. Living in Mumbai & finding a Mumbai¬†expat housing can have it’s pro’s and con’s like every city or country in the world does, though to be really fair, most end up falling in love with the same city they initially abhor!

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