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Fully Furnished Flats On Rent in Mumbai

Finding flats for rent in Mumbai is a problem faced by many. There is no denying the fact that there is a scarcity of property in Mumbai. It is also said that searching for property in Mumbai can be morale crushing experience. Buy or rent – the process is tough. Property hunt may take months. Extensive research might be needed. Buying is majorly not feasible for all. People end up renting a home instead of buying one. Finding a home on rent in Mumbai is also not easy. If there is a need for home so is the need for the right source too. The right source with the best and appropriate property listings is the need. All in all, the fact is that searching for a rent house in Mumbai is not easy.

The City of Dreams – as Mumbai is referred to has been tough for the home seekers. Ever after saving for years, people are unable to buy a home of their choice. Taking home on rent in Mumbai is a more explored option among the masses. Especially, for the ones who are there for a short professional stay. There has been a rise in the demand for fully furnished apartments for rent in Mumbai. Expats moving to India has seen an upward trend. This has led to an increase in the demand for properties in the posh localities of Mumbai. Mumbai represents a mixture of numerous high class and low-level regions. Off-late the number of famous and influential people moving to Mumbai has increased. So does the need for residential property too.

While a company decides to recruit an expat in Mumbai, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. One such important aspect is finding an ideal high-class residence for them. It can take a toll on the companies searching for the right property on rent. Understanding that flats on rent in Mumbai are not easy to find, a company looks for the right agency. Expat Properties Mumbai is one destination that brings to you the best property in Mumbai to you. They offer the range of the best property available for rent in Mumbai. The list of real estate agencies in Mumbai is long. However, the ones that can be completely relied on are just a handful. Expat Properties Mumbai has under their umbrella what all you are looking for.

With online portals taking over traditional ways, there is a dire need to know the one you can trust. Expat Properties Mumbai takes care of all. They understand the market and its trends well. They have what you might be looking for. Their aim is to bring together the ideal apartments or flats to suit the expat needs. The needs of the expats vary from the natives. The locality for their flat needs to be finalized keeping in view their status. Getting a grip onto what an expat needs, they have the best properties that are available on rent. They help you explore the cream from among the available flats on rent in Mumbai. Not every place is a preferred destination for expats in Mumbai. The locality needs to be chosen wisely on certain criteria.

Preferred Expat Destinations in Mumbai

Mumbai has always been a welcoming city for expats to settle. It is definitely the perfect place to consider moving to. But Mumbai is huge. Surveys say that India offers better salaries to expats than other countries. The expats in Mumbai work at various levels from CEOs to Executives and more. Talking about Mumbai, there are only a few areas that can cater to their needs. With predefined budgets, their scope to becomes limited. Here are a few preferred expat destinations for flats on rent in Mumbai:

  • South Mumbai locations – Cuffe Parade, Napeansea Road, Malabar Hill, Cumballa Hill, Breach Candy, Pedder Road, etc.
  • Alternative locations – Worli Sea Face, Bandra, Khar, Juhu, Powai, Prabhadevi

The South Mumbai locations have in close proximity offices at Churchgate, Nariman Point, Ballard Estate, etc.

The architecture of the structures here and the natural environment attracts the expats. Further, lifestyle and cleanliness also play an important role. The expats have moved to alternative locations due to increased commercial activities here. There are international level schools and educational institutes in these regions too. The highly developed connectivity makes them well sought among expats.

Consider these before you rent house in Mumbai

These are some points that expats should look out for before taking a rent house in Mumbai:

  • Perfect place to stay – Who doesn’t want to have a house near his office? We all do! For expats, it is one point that tops the list. At Expat Properties Mumbai, share your requirements. They have verified properties available to suit your needs. A house near your office saves you a lot of time. The properties available are such that one need not bother about the owners too. They take care of it all. Expat Properties Mumbai has the best fully furnished apartments for rent in Mumbai listed with them. With top-notch facilities on offer, they have the best properties listed.
  • Transportation & Travelling – Travelling is cumbersome. The more the distance, the more is the hassle. At Expat Properties Mumbai, they help you overcome this issue. They have the availability of flats on rent in Mumbai to meet your choice of location. A house on a location that is close to your office and saves your commuting time. Further, there are expenses attached to transportation as well. So why not use the travel cost in renting a better home.
  • Food – There is no scarcity of food and food options in Mumbai. You will receive a variety of food available all around you. Still, choosing a locality that offers your choice of food options in close proximity are preferable. Preferred locations are those that have high-end supermarkets. The ones that can satisfy your grocery and other routine needs. Mumbai is home to numerous supermarket chains. Then there is the option to buy it online and have it delivered to your home.
  • Medical Facilities – Easy access to medical facilities is a prerequisite. The location of your rent house in Mumbai should be such that you are close to medical facilities. The availability of medicines should be easy with chemists nearby. The choice of your house location should offer advanced medical facilities in the vicinity.
  • Safety – Staying safe cannot be ignored. When you are new, it takes time to adjust. Hence, safety becomes a topmost concern. Mumbai being a city full of life, it stays abuzz day and night. Choosing a secure locality to live in is integral. Expat Properties Mumbai has a list of the best fully furnished apartments for rent in Mumbai.

Nothing less but what is needed is more than what one might wish for. At Expat Properties Mumbai, they aim at removing the worries. They believe in offering transparency in their products and services. The properties listed with them are all authentic with actual pictures. They have the best filters on their website to simplify your property search. Ideally, the expats lookout for comprehensive deals and that is what they offer.

Over the years, the expats have started relocating to India with their families. Considering their hectic schedules, they seek serenity in the busy Mumbai life. Mumbai offers everything that expats look for living a comfortable life. High living standards are what they look for. Right educational facilities for their children are a must. They need a safe and secure locality to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The list of needs is long. So is the need for exploring numerous property options.

What is offered at Expat Properties Mumbai?

Expat Properties Mumbai focuses on uniting both existing and upcoming residential projects for you. They are capable of catering to the diverse needs of home seekers. Every locality and property is well researched before being listed. They help you find a suitable rent house in Mumbai. Further, they ensure that you get the property at the right rates. They facilitate the paperwork for you. Without any doubt, they have the largest inventory of dealers and owners with them. This inventory covers almost all the areas of Mumbai that expats consider to relocate.

Mumbai is an expensive city to live in. The high cost of living and the commuting hassles – both can deter the decision to own a house. Finding an ideal apartment within your budget is quite tough. At Expat Properties Mumbai, they assist you in finding the perfect flats on rent in Mumbai. Here you find the properties available spread across the Mumbai city. They have the properties available in the posh areas and the lesser ones too. They understand what their expat customers need. Bridging the gap between customers’ expectations and market trends is their forte. Looking at the past trends, the expats are now willing to move here for years. Rather they are willing to accept Mumbai as it comes.

Living in Mumbai is difficult. It comes with its own set of pros and cons. At Expat Properties Mumbai, the cons are taken care of. They have successfully cracked a number of deals for expats in Mumbai or relocating to Mumbai. Looking for fully furnished apartments for rent in Mumbai? Or the choice is a semi-furnished one or maybe some raw property? They have the perfect mix available with them. Every property is added to their online list after proper scrutiny. They do not let your decision to relocate to Mumbai become a nightmare. Having stood by their clients, they are known for their credible deals. They have a reliable reputation in the Mumbai realty market.

Their range of residential property includes flats, apartments, villas and more. Feel free to share your preferences and they will fulfill it. In most of the cases, some or other property is already available. However, for others, they will get back to you. From scenic views to affordable rates, they have it all for you. They save you from the trouble of visiting different localities. Rather they bring the localities to you. The information gathered by them is accurate to gain clients’ trust. They do not mislead their customers at any step. They not only offer consultancy services but recommendations too.

Localities to look for flats for rent in Mumbai

  • Cuff Parade – It is located at the southern end of Mumbai. Its soaring high prices are a result of its seaside neighborhood. Cuff Parade houses Maker Towers and World Trade Centre. It also houses the Taj President Hotel that is home to several dignitaries too.
  • Breach Candy – Breach Candy is one of the most expensive locations of South Mumbai. It houses the only club in Mumbai – the Breach Candy Club with saltwater pool. It also has few of the most reputed educational institutes of Mumbai.
  • Worli Sea Face – It marks some of the most expensive realty prices in Mumbai. Situated at the Worli entrance of the Rajiv Gandhi Sealink, it comes well connected to Bandra and adjacent suburbs. The sea view is definitely one thing to vouch for.
  • Pali Hill – It houses classic bungalows, modern buildings and few of the best-known restaurants. Pali Hill is an upscale neighborhood much above its counterparts. Taking a stroll here can get you a glimpse of your favorite celebrity too.
  • Hiranandani, Powai – It is a part of the northern suburb of Powai. Hiranandani houses shopping gallerias, upscale residential complexes, reputed school, sprawling greens, modish restaurants and more.

All in all, Expat Properties Mumbai finds you the suitable property at a location of your choice. They have the best flats on rent in Mumbai listed with them. They will keep you away from the troubles of finding a suitable home. Share your needs with them and let them take the lead. They have a solution ready for every need of yours. Find the suitable one with Expat Properties Mumbai in no time!!