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Mumbai or Bombay of the retro world is the place where finding residential places is not an easy job but if you find it then you are staying in one of the best cities in India. It is hard to find properties for Expat & Residential property in Mumbai and there is no way easy to find it in a day. Then you may be confused between buying an independent house or an apartment. All your doubts are being answered in this article so be patient and let us help you with this.

Where to buy?

Place where you must look being an Expat & Residential property in Mumbai is something that you want are:

Bandra: From cafes to restaurants, if you are foody then this is the best pace where you can stop as an Expat and Residential properties in Mumbai from where food spots are most near will be yours. In addition to this if your lady love has planned to stay with you that she can shop at Hill road and Linking road being an Expat & Residential property in Mumbai will be of high value in this area. Since this place is having these two factors in its pocket, hence it is a really crowdy part of the city so if you an extrovert then we would like to suggest to go for this place

Andheri: Andheri is home to the busiest train station but it is also having malls and in past few years many business firms and centres have opened here so if you want to are more into business and in connecting with people then you must put a thinking cap and try getting a residential property here being an Expat & Residential property in Mumbai in this area will keep you near your business firm, if any and even if you don’t have it will keep you near to the railways which connect the whole city .

Juhu: Probably there will be no one in India who does not know about the Juhu beach and this is the most important and the primary part of the city and hence if you are with loads of money, then you may consider this area for getting into buying into residential property in Mumbai.

There are many other places in Mumbai where being an Expat & Residential property in Mumbai will be a great deal to buy. You may consider South Mumbai, Powai, Goregaon and Navi Mumbai. So, have a look at these places also if you want to discover this place. To now about these place

residential property in mumbai

Apartments v/s independent houses

Now this thing totally depends on you and if you are an Expat & Residential property in Mumbai regretting expensive day by day exponentially, so we would like to suggest you go for an apartment and above that if you stay in an apartment, it is much more secure, and in addition to that there are high chance of having facilities like gym, parks and much more in the residential complex but yes if you get a good deal on independent houses then you can opt for that too, but then at the end of the day it is completely your choice.

What are the things you need to keep in mind before you buy property in Mumbai?

If this is the first residential apartment you are buying in Mumbai, then what are the things which you should you keep in mind before you buy a new property in Mumbai? Don’t worry we will help you with this too. Here are some questions for which you should get the genuine answers.
• Primarily, ask whether the local governing authority approves the construction of the apartment.
• Do ask them about the house area size because the hoardings and the advertisements can be misleading. Do ask them what they propose to offer is the super built-up area or the carpet area
• One more important thing to notice is the financial status and the credibility of the builder.
• Check out the previous project completed by the builder, if any because then you get a clear idea of the work done by the builder.

Being an Expat & Residential property in Mumbai is a very strategic thing, so these points are few points which you should keep in mind.

Buying Residential Property Mumbai is a very big deal and value for money, so do take full care and try checking each and everything before booking your property. We would also like to add that in addition to this, do take care because the amount of money being invested should not go in vain at any cost. A residential property becomes a home from the day you start your family there or bring your family there. Look for more tips and important key points to keep in mind before you opt for any residential property

By: Pritesh

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