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Hire A Realtor And Make The Property Buying Process In Mumbai Hassle-Free

When you think of a glamorous destination, Mumbai comes first in your mind. With wonderful British architecture, strong historical links, scintillating beaches, museums, and places of worship, the land delights the hearts of tourists. Its film industry is what that tempts many individuals and aspiring actors come here to fulfill their dreams. When you visit this financial powerhouse, you will be stunned to see its glamorous lifestyle and colonial-era architecture. It is India’s most expensive city with skyrocketing buildings, impressive restaurants and fast paced life.

While most of the people visit Mumbai to explore its never-ending glory, there are individuals who dream of settling in the city. In order to settle down, it is important to buy a property. Mumbai is termed to be a costliest place in terms of purchasing a house. In the recent years, property prices have reached skies and for a mid-income professional, buying an apartment is no less than a dream. Yet, a shelter is an individual’s requirement and hence, buying a properties in Mumbai is of utmost importance.

When you decide to buy a home, always ensure you hire an expert who is trustworthy and has knowledge about the industry. Buying a home is a biggest investment; hence, it should be dealt with precaution. Today, you can find many companies who stand to make the purchasing process relatively easy for you. Providing high quality services, their main motto is to make you buy nothing but the best. Right from selecting a property to taking a loan, the path towards your goal is not easy. By investing your time and finding a right realtor, you can fulfill your dream of buying a house.

To make the buying process simple, here are listed some steps to follow:

Register Your Interest: It is the first step towards purchasing a property. Register your interest with the company you hired. Fill the registration form online; discuss your requirement with the agent. They have got plentiful of properties for you to look before making any significant decision.

Get SMS Alerts: Once you register your interest, the company will get clear understanding of your needs. Thereafter, you would receive emails listing some of the properties matching your criterions. Finding your dream home is difficult; however, the SMS alerts make the process easy. They narrow down the options and make you buy a good property as per your interest.

Personalized Advice: The companies work hard to find a property that suits your interest, budget, and timelines. They assign a relationship manager to your account whose responsibility is to give you personalized advice and strategies to find a right home.

View The Properties: We make appointments and arrange viewing the properties with you. We take you to the destination and make the viewing process easy and comfortable for you.

Making An Offer: Once you have made a decision, the first step towards finalizing the deal is by preparing a Letter Of Intent that enlists all the terms and conditions. The LOI comprises:

  • Possession date
  • Interior work in the home
  • List of furniture to be removed or added in the house
  • Negotiated rent
  • Rental payment structure
  • Liability towards legal charges, taxes, agreement registration, stamp duty of each party

Signing And Registration: Once the aforesaid step is completed and every party agrees on the terms, rental agreements are exchanged, signed, and finalized. Thereafter, the rental agreements are registered.

By following above mentioned steps, you can follow the right path and make your life much easier.

By: Pritesh