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Searching For Expat properties in Mumbai before heading towards properties let’s know something about Mumbai first. Mumbai, the city of dreams!!!! Mumbai is an amalgamation of seven islands and a perfect amalgamation of different cultures, races, and ethnicity!! Situated on the Western side of the Indian subcontinent it has a deep port and is of great historical importance. It is also the financial and commercial capital of India! It is to India as to Paris is to France when it comes to fashion! Also, the Indian film industry originates from Mumbai!!

Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, because of that most multinational companies have set up offices in and around Mumbai, hence a huge number of expatriates have made it their home. Mumbai though being a fantastic sprawling city, it is actually short of space. Getting a living space of your own liking is indeed a herculean task and for an expatriate to find perfect properties in Mumbai, it can turn out to be a nightmare!!

Around 30,000 expats are spread across Mumbai city and many pay huge amounts as rent. Most pay anywhere from INR 1,00,000 to INR 450000 as rent for a one to 3 bedroom apartment. Many apartments come fully furnished, and up to the standards of the expat community and most landlords demand an annual rent. Some of the rental apartments come with uninterrupted water and electric supply. Many expatriates do have the facility of being provided with accommodation from their respective companies. These are usually in the swankiest areas of Mumbai.

The expats like any other Mumbaikar like to settle in properties in Mumbai which is close to school and office space. At least one parent does commute the long distance to office!!!  We have come across a few expats who love Mumbai so much that they have prolonged their stay in this fantastic city long after their work contract has ended!!

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Properties in Mumbai – Suburban areas affectionate to the expats


This township in central suburbs is the best place for expatriates. This township gives a feel of being out of India with well-planned roads, hospitals, malls, and restaurants. It is a self-sufficient township with most amenities available. High profile schools offering international curriculum are open to admission.

Bandra West

Called the Queen of the suburbs, this is the place where the who’s who of Mumbai reside. Most expatriates have famous movie stars or celebrities as neighbors. It is known to be a very modern neighborhood where more or less everything is accepted!!! Most expats like the Pali hill neighborhood for its more open outlook and more outlandish lifestyle.


The biggest of the suburbs is famous for its residential address, businesses, and restaurants. It is heavily populated by expats as a commute to major work areas is easier from the huge and historical railway station.


Swanky, fashionable but small suburb, it is Home to many of the classiest expats.

South Mumbai

One of the costliest properties in the world, South Mumbai is home to the biggest industrialist in India and homes some of the costliest schools. Most of the super rich expats have addresses in this area. Most company accommodations are situated in this area., notably Breach Candy, Nariman Point, Altamont, Nepeansea Road, Kemps Corner.

Khar west

Not as busy as Bandra or costly as south Mumbai, Khar has cheaper rents and lesser traffic

Most of the above-mentioned areas are well connected, have good school options and plenty of eateries and all facilities to make an expat feel at home.Expats renting out apartments need to be extra vigilant as renting laws differ from their respective countries. Rental agreements need to be authenticated and please check for building occupancy certificate before signing any paperwork.

Mumbai too is working towards being ecologically progressive when it comes to waste management; segregation of waste is of prime importance in Mumbai.Working parents will find many babies sitting options around their residences. Most expats find the traffic of Mumbai crazy, roads dirty and the humidity sticky but there is yet to be an expat who doesn’t love Mumbai. Once you come to Mumbai there is no way you don’t fall in love with his place!!!

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